We are NOT hiring out tanks at this stage as we supply labour to blow up balloons. We find people buy helium they dont end up using, and people are not always aware of how labour intensive it is to inflate balloons and tie ribbon onto balloons - we have done the blood blisters and practiced to get it faster... :) stars.


We do have BALLOON RELEASE NETS which we can hire out, however if we co-ordinate the setup and supply the labour to co-orindate the release, we dont charge for the hire of the net. We do, however, have to charge per hour for the labour, if we are kept on site over the time given for the estimated balloon release.

Should you want to do the release yourself, but we just come in to do the set up, we do need to charge a refundable deposit for the net to ensure the net is returned in the condition it was hired out at. We also would need to charge a nominal hire fee.